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At first glance, everyone wouldn’t be able to know what the CMMI is – unless of course, you’ve been in the industry for years and you know about business models and process improvement schemes.

To give you a brief history, the CMMI, short for the Capability Maturity Model Integration, is a behavioral and a process model that’s been designed and made for the purpose of streamlining the procedures, methodologies, and practices that businesses and organizations in the software development are doing.

If you are looking to get or to attain certification, you need to make sure that you pass and you go through all of the five (5) different levels of it respectively.

CMMI-new york

CMMI Levels

The five (5) different maturity levels of the CMMI are:

Level 1 or the initial level is the level wherein a business or an organization is considered to be reactive. It’s also the level that’s the least mature. Businesses and companies at this level would often have limited information and skills in safeguarding and insecurity.

Levels 2 and 3 are the levels called “managed” and “defined;” and it is the level in which they stem out from being rookies or newbies from the 1st level. The 2nd level is close to what the Level 1 structure is, but the business or the organization will be more involved in projects relating to security. Level 3, though, is the big jump from level 2 as the reactiveness of the organization will be transformed into proactivity.

Level 4 is the level that means that the organization has reached the maturity level where projects, practices, and methodologies are measured and are quantitatively controlled.

Level 5, lastly, is the level in which the organization is focused on optimizing or improving the processes and the procedures it has picked up.

Getting Certification

In getting certification, you need to ensure that you run past all of the five (5) different CMMI levels. More so, you would have to contact or work closely with an ISO certification company to help you with auditing and certification.

Where to Get Certification?

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