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IQC the ISO Pros of New York is the ISO certification and auditing company that’s the most trusted in and around New York, and we have been crowned as the best for more than a decade.

Thanks to the determination and the perseverance of all our staff members and our workers, we’ve been deemed and considered as the most talented when it comes to numerous ISO standards – the ISO 45001 among others.

ISO-45001-Certified-new york

Our Expertise in ISO 45001

Unlike other companies, the proficiency and the expertise that we have under the ISO 45001 standard remain unmatched. All our people, new and old, are continuously trained and educated about the ISO 45001 standard.

For you to be able to understand it even further, the ISO 45001 standard is the standard that’s responsible for the safekeeping and the security of the employees and visitors of a particular business against incidents such as accidents (work-related) and diseases.

Benefits of Becoming ISO 45001 Certified

More often than not, businesses get ISO 45001 certified not only because of the “certification” that it holds but because of the advantages and the benefits that it can give and provide.

To name and enumerate, some of the pros and the advantages that the ISO 45001 certification can give you include, but are not limited to:

  • Demonstrates your compliance with the management system against the international standard
  • Assists and helps in establishing trust and integrity
  • Provides the capacity and the capability of your business to shareholders and partners
  • Develops and enhances risk assessment and hazard identification
  • And many more!

General Structure of How to Get ISO 45001 Certification

So, how do you become an ISO 45001 certified company? Doing so is not entirely difficult or challenging.

As a matter of fact, we can compress it into a few series of steps, which include:

Learning What the ISO 45001 Is

Before anything else, the ISO 45001 will require you to study it from within. You would be required to know what the particular standard is, what it upholds, how it can help you, as well as some of the other things you can get from it.

Performing Gap Analysis

The next thing you would want to do is to do and perform gap analysis or to check where your business or your organization is against the goals and the objectives of the standard.

After you check on it, the next step is…

Documentation and Implementation

You would want to document or transform it under formal writing. Then, you want to implement it slowly within the organization; you can start from the smallest part of your business.

Auditing and Certification

And finally, the last step is to be audited and to become certified against the standard. That’s where we here at IQC the ISO Pros of New York will come in.

We are New York’s finest when it comes to any type of ISO training and certification, and the ISO 45001 standard is one of the best and the most talented we are in.

All of our people and our staff members have unrelenting experience when it comes to the occupational health and safety management system or OHSMS standard.

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