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Ithaca is a year-round travel destination. Compared to New York City, Ithaca is known for being a place close to nature. The cultural life in the city is very diverse and there are lots of places to go to like lakes, waterfalls and even winding trails.

Since Ithaca is a crowded place throughout the whole year, it’s a nice place to start your business since there are lots of people who go there who can all be possible clients.

We at IQC The ISO Pros of Nevada, has helped many businesses in Ithaca to make sure they have proper ISO standards and certifications. We have been the most trusted company in the city for any of your ISO needs.

Looking to know more about what we offer? Read a few of them below!
Ithaca NY

Food Safety Modernization Act FDA FSMA

Since the city attracts lots of tourists throughout the year, investing in the food industry is one of the best options. If you have a business or just thinking of starting one, then this standard is something to look into. This act sets a certain number of guidelines to follow to make sure that foodborne diseases are avoided.

Customers will be loyal to your business if they can make sure that the products that you’re selling are of high quality and safe to consume. With that in mind, meeting the standards under the food safety modernization act means that you can ensure your customers that you meet the requirements to assure them that the product their purchasing has gone through proper checking from the raw materials, transporting them, cooking, and even packaging.

Your business is sure to succeed if lots of clients trust you.

Compliance Audits

There are times where a company can forget or overlook some guidelines. If this happens, there are chances that you might risk your business is closed or suspended.

That’s why were here for you! We can help your company by providing you compliance audits and makes sure that your company is adhering to all guidelines needed. We always make sure that everything is looked into and taken into account so whether it be guidelines for safety or services, everything won’t be left unchecked.

Body Armor BA 9000

Body armor is a business that’s always in need since the product involved means the safety of people especially those with risky jobs.

Same with food and other products, body armors should also go through proper checking and quality checks to ensure that the products would meet the right standard for their use. 

The BA 9000 certification is not really required and it’s voluntary. But meeting the standards and getting a certification will be your edge compared to other companies. You can freely boast that your products are of international quality.

These are only some of the few services that we offer. There are lots of others that we have. You can check them out on our website, or you can even call us so we can look into what your business needs.

We’ll even give you a free quotation!

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