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Sag Harbor ranks second when it comes to being the wealthiest city in New York. Its city is also considered an international port since it’s the port of entry in the state of New York.

The main reason why the city is one of the wealthiest in New York is that it’s known for transporting, processing, and selling oil in the commercial industry. The city is also a tourist spot known for its Whaling and Historical Museum and, Havens Beach.

Sag Harbor NY

IQC The ISO Pros of New York has been in the city ever since before, helping businesses create history and be successful. We cater to all kinds of ISO standards and certification.

Looking to know more about us? Below are a few of the services that we have!

Services that we offer:

Responsible Care RC 14001

With the city being the main port of entry to New York, there are lots of base or raw materials that come into the city. If you’re running a business in the industrial or chemical industry, that means that you’re bringing in chemical materials in and out of the city. Making sure that these raw materials are meeting proper standards is important.

This is where RC 14001 comes in. It has a set of guidelines to follow and makes sure that if a company is handling chemical components as their materials or products, they can responsibly create and transport these products without harming the environment or workers around them.

This certification is a must since it ensures the safety of everyone in your business/company, as well as your clients.

Counterfeits AS6081

The city is considered the center of commerce in the state of New York. That means that supplies coming into the city are very abundant. But if you’re running a business, you need to make sure that you know how to identify is the products you’re getting from your suppliers are fake or not.

The AS6081 certification is more concentrated on helping businesses in the Information Technology field identify fake products from OEMs. Counterfeits may look alike the original products but they don’t function the same way or won’t even work at all.

With this certification, it gains the trust of your clients since they can have peace of mind that the products their availing from you are all original.

International Traffic in Arms Regulations ITAR

If your business is in the gun export industry, then you need to make sure that you meet this regulation.

This has been set by the U.S. government to make sure that before you can manufacture, sell or export defensive products, they will be assessed first to guarantee that these products won’t do any harm to the country. The suppliers for your products would also be checked since it’s also part of the standard.

We can help you make sure that your company is 100% compliant with the said regulation. IQC The ISO Pros makes sure that the services we offer make all of our customers satisfied.

Also, looking for auditing services? Then we’re your go-to guys as well. Give us a call now so we can give you a free quote!

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