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In case you’re not aware, the ISO/IEC 20000 is the international standard that’s used to describe and distinguish the best practices in establishing and building up an IT service management system or an ITSMS.

Its goal is to assist businesses and companies in assessing how effective and efficient their procedures and practices are through qualitative and quantitative measures.

While it’s often misunderstood as ITIL, the two (2) are actually different from one another.
ISO 20000 Certified new york

Understanding What the ISO/IEC 20000 Standard Is

The ISO 20000 standard is a standard that is specifically pertaining to the establishment of an SMS or a service management system. Purposefully, this ISO standard would specify and particularly touch the requirements of service providers or organizations in planning, implementing, operating, maintaining, and sustaining the SMS. 

Benefits of Becoming ISO 20000 Certified

Out of the many benefits and advantages that you can get in becoming ISO/IEC 20000 certified, here are some of the benefits that you’ll be able to experience swiftly and urgently:

  • Your business/organization will be able to improve and develop its services
  • You’ll be able to create a structure of guidelines for independent assessments
  • Competitive and business advantage
  • High quality and reliability of services
  • Meeting customer and client demands
  • And many more!

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